A Little Nut

The greatest oak was once a little nut who held its ground. ~Author Unknown

I was looking for a great quote to start out today’s post and found this little gem. I love the idea of being a nut holding her ground when I persevere. Let’s be honest, sometimes perseverance can seem a little nuts.

It doesn’t take much to make me doubt my sanity when pursuing a goal. I can be swayed by setbacks or when simply stalling out during a time when I think I should be moving forward. I have to remind myself that marching in place is better than falling behind – which requires that I give myself an internal pep-talk. And then I’m talking to myself… and that can seem nuts….

From an external perspective, occasionally there are people in our lives who are not supportive of our dreams and our efforts. For someone like me who has an off-the-chart need for reinforcement from others, even when significant people are neutral it can feel like a lack of support. Either way, if support is needed and can’t be found, persevering is that much harder.

And when support isn’t forthcoming in the moment when we are already giving ourselves an internal pep-talk, no wonder we sometimes want to quit! Pressing forward can seem like it’s not only impossible but crazy, too.

It’s at this point when we need to persevere. Hunker down. Hang on. Don’t go backwards. Sit tight. Persist.

Hold your ground and act a little nutty.

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2 thoughts on “A Little Nut

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