Coaching: Lessons Learned

You might have been able to tell from this week’s posts that I’m a big proponent of finding lessons in what happens in life. As mentioned in Microsoft Lesson #3, I’m prone to step back and ask, “What did I learn from that experience?” More often than not, our experiences will teach us if only we listen. With that in mind, I’d like to close the week by leading you through a mini coaching engagement. I invite you to really think about and write down your answers.

Here we go…

When was the last time you paused to think about what life is teaching you? What are your life experiences showing you right now? What have you learned this week? Today?

And what have you learned from the business you work in? Has the corporate culture taught you a thing or two – as my time at Microsoft taught me? What are those things?

Not paying that kind of attention? How can you make the time to reflect? Lessons that pass us unacknowledged are often forgotten. What can you do to remember?

Reaching back to previous reflections on gratitude, is there anyone you need to thank for the lessons you’ve learned? Did someone give you an opportunity that helped you grow? If it was a lesson you learned “the hard way,” perhaps the people to thank are friends and family who put up with you while you were going through that time. Not all lessons come easily.

I shared just four lessons that I learned from Microsoft during my tenure. Simply going through the exercise to identify them reminded me of many more; lessons I will bring forward with me into my new career. I challenge you to go through the same exercise, too. If you’re like me, it will leave you with a warm feeling inside.

What a lovely way to leave… with warm thoughts and admiration for a company that taught me so much.

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