Coaching: Being Content

“Of the blessings set before you make your choice, and be content.” ~Samuel Johnson

The irony today is that I’m writing this and not feeling all that content. What a difference a few days make! Hopefully going through the process will bring us all to a more peaceful place.

Each Friday I guide you through a mini coaching engagement on the topic highlighted throughout the week. I hope that you take time to really think about your answers and even write them down if that gives the exercise more power for you.

Here we go…

In what areas of your life do you feel content? How consistently content are you? How do you strike the balance between being content and moving forward toward your goals?

Conversely, what areas bring frustration? How can you find contentment and, hopefully, a little peace? How justified is your frustration? If it would be helpful to find balance and to be more content in these areas, how could you do that? What would it feel like to you to be content with the area you identified? How can you move toward that?

If we take the time to recognize what we have versus what we do not have, if we can be pleased with the things and people around us, if we can cut ourselves the same slack we cut for others, then contentment will come.

It seems to me that Friday is a perfect time for that to happen!

Be content.

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