Identifying Strengths

Now that we’ve established that strengths strengthen you and are not simply what you are good at, I want to take it to a more personal level.

As I mentioned in the posts about the transition out of my corporate life and into my coaching life, digging deep and understanding my own strengths was a very important part of the process. My first introduction to finding my strengths was by taking the Clifton Strengths Finder. Over the years I tried to match my work with my strengths – some times more successfully than others.

Marcus Buckingham lead the early work that went into the Clifton Strengths Finder and I had the opportunity to both hear him lecture and go through his Strengths Essentials workshop this past year. His “strengths make us stronger” focus centers simply around completing the sentence, “I feel strong when I ____________.” [While the concept is simple, the workshop dives much deeper into understanding strengths and is definitely worth the investment, in my opinion.]

Finally, as part of my coursework at the University of Texas – Dallas, I was introduced to the VIA Survey of Character Strengths. Turns out that the same strengths that completed the Buckingham question for me also utilized my top five character strengths from the VIA. Ah ha! That’s why those activities make me feel strong…

You’ve had the opportunity to read about my transition already and so I want to leave you with a convincing example of someone for whom this same concept had a significant outcome. While her coach described these as Burnout Skills and Motivation Skills, the concept is the same and her story, powerful.

Learn more from Claire as you read her story here.

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