Celebrate Milestones

Our weekend of celebrations started out with a very important milestone: our youngest son turned 13.  Officially a teen and no longer our baby boy, we’re watching him turn into the man he will become.

Because of his cousin’s wedding, Davis’s birthday was spent at the rehearsal and the groom’s dinner.  Even so, time was taken to mark his milestone birthday as others and we paused to give him gifts or wish him a happy birthday.  The bride led us all in a rousing chorus of “Happy Birthday” following our meal as well.

It could be argued that the day we reach a milestone is like any another day.  Most milestones are not life-changing events, really.  Our son is the same today as he was a week ago.  But then, things aren’t quite the same either.  Reaching a milestone by definition puts something else in the past.  For Davis, it was his childhood.  At retirement, it is a career.  At graduation, it’s cramming for exams and all-nighters.

It’s this piece that makes it important for milestones to be celebrated.  It’s a way to recognize the work completed and the time past.  Whether celebrating with a big party or simply enjoying your own quiet acknowledgement, taking the opportunity to enjoy and relish the moment is something that should not be missed.


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