Harvard Business Review On Being Lucky

In a recent Harvard Business Review blog, Anthony Tjan shared how he and his collegues found that “a surprising number of company founders and business-builders attribute much of their success to luck.”  Quoting the article:

As we dug deeper, it became clear that it was not just random chance that these people were talking about. Luck in business can be cultivated, through the combination of what we call a lucky attitude and a lucky network. A lucky attitude is a disposition open to serendipity and, well, luck. A lucky network is a wide network of relationships that may at first have little to do with any business objective, but somehow later come into great relevance. We can all think of an example.

Are you open to serendipity?  Would you like to be?  Read on to learn more about how we can cultivate our own luck….

How Leaders Lose Their Luck – Anthony Tjan – Harvard Business Review

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