Defining Fulfillment

How much attention do you pay to what truly fulfills you?  How much thought have you given it?

When we think about defining success or balance, it often comes down to feelings of fulfillment.  We feel successful when we feel fulfilled.  We feel balanced when we feel fulfilled.

Given this, you’d think we’d spend more time thinking about what that means for us.  More often than not, we’re moving too fast to pay attention when it happens.

There are many things that have the potential to fulfill our lives: time with family or friends, travel, specific tasks we do well, recognition, worship, writing, and the list goes on.  These things have the potential to fulfill; however, even this short list easily shows how my list will never match your list.  Things I find fulfilling may drain you completely.

People often let others define what success means or even what balance should mean.  But fulfillment is something that seems inherently personal; it’s something that must be felt and known individually.  Personally.

Pay attention to what fulfills you and you’ll begin to understand what will bring balance, success, and happiness to you.

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2 thoughts on “Defining Fulfillment

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